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Current position: Front End Lead @stadiumGO
Me, myself & IMe, myself & I

Hi, I’m Jérémie

Nice to meet you

I’ve been a creative developer with a human mind since 1999.

I’m currently available for freelance work and long-term partnerships around our marvelous planet Earth.

Here you will find my Graphic Design and Development works.

P.S : And sometimes I also write and create photos and videos

What do i do?

I enjoy crafting powerful brands and interfaces.

If you need assistance with your project, I can help you from establishing brand identity to launching your website .

I've set some pre-packaged services that make things easier.

If you want something more personalized, fill out the "What can I do for you" form, and we'll work together to create something just for you.

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When code
becomes art

Every code decision counts toward bridging the gap between a mock-up and the live and breathing website in production.

Performance, accessibility, and eco-conception now count equally as CSS and JavaScript animations skills.

The Coding Pledge

Creating web interfaces with a clear purpose

A successful website requires consistent, user-friendly, and visually appealing design displayed on all devices.
The web design plan in action

Simply being attractive is not enough

Your brand must inspire your target audience with a powerful and coherent voice.

This voice must communicate through text and design via a clear, user-focused strategy.

The brand identity process in depth

Enjoy the convenience of WordPress without any hassle.

WordPress is a versatile website creation platform, including showcases, e-commerce, and blogs.

I take it further by creating custom themes and plugins to help you focus on your content and engage with your users.

The immaculate WordPress plan
Front-end dev
Web design
brand identity
flawless wordpresses


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Real Group
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Les Canumeriques

they enjoyedworking with me

Florine <br/>de Korwin

de Korwin

Digital project managerFlows Communication

I've been working with Jeremie for 3 years on web development and design projects. I have no doubts on a long term collaboration! Jeremie is high skilled and curious, which makes every project a new discovery.

As a digital project manager, it is invaluable for me to collaborate with an expert who truly masters such a wide range of subjects.

This allows us to excel in our work, perform from project to project, and take great pride in what we deliver to our clients, who never fail to appreciate us.

Trust and communication are 2 important pillars in project management, and thanks to Jeremie, I can work with my eyes closed !

Eric Lebrun

Eric Lebrun

I had the pleasure and the chance to work with Jérémie within the Digital Communication agency Pamplemousse which I directed.

Jérémie was a senior developer who was keen to provide all his expertise and advice, both to me for strategic subjects and to the other developers of the agency on more technical subjects.

Beyond the technical development aspect, Jérémie has a real creative vision and website design. In summary, it was a real pleasure to work with Jérémie and I had the chance to discover a beautiful person.

Julien Simon

Julien Simon

Editorial DirectorVivlio

Firstly, Jérémie is a very reliable service provider.

But he's also a real pleasure to work with: he's a true creative thinker, always looking for the right solutions to problems, and never hesitating to learn about innovative technologies to offer the best of what's available at any given time.

I highly recommend his skills and adaptability. I've never been disappointed over the years, on the many projects we've come across, and I never hesitate to give his contact details to my entrepreneur friends.

Antoine Joseph

Antoine Joseph


Working with Jérémie is a real pleasure!

Among his qualities: extraordinary empathy, strong creativity and very good technical skills!

I also really appreciated his openness: Jérémie built the new monkeywi logo by my side, as our discussion progressed.

It was a very good experience and I am very satisfied with the result!

Let’s talk about your project

Thank you for your time reading all my services and processes, but it’s time to talk about you.
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