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Who am I?

I’m a senior freelance creative developer, entrepreneur, digital nomad, and proud dad of 3 superstars.

I’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years now, and I’m glad to have been able to reinvent myself and learn new tricks each time the game has changed.

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Recent experiences

  • 2023 - Today


    Founder, Art Director, UX/UI

    My colleague, Grégory Collin, and I collaborated to create a new online course platform.

    We aimed to provide a space for teachers and students to plan and attend live online video courses.

    • I am responsible for designing and developing the brand assets.
    • I gather ideas and suggestions from user feedback to imagine and design platform features.
    • To accelerate the design process, I employ a blend of blade templates and react components to design features directly in the code.
    • I oversee both the recruitment of teachers and the growth of the platform.
  • 2022-2023

    Pamplemousse Agency

    Senior WordPress developer
    I had the opportunity and pleasure of dedicating most of my time to working with the Pamplemousse team, helping them in creating high-quality and complex WordPress websites.
    • I worked with the design team to create top-tier custom WordPress themes and plugins.
    • I was responsible for maintaining, fixing, and developing new features for the agency's extensive catalog of websites.
    • I collaborated closely with project managers to budget and allocate resources for upcoming projects and client demands.
  • 2020 - Today

    Les Bio Frères

    Founder, Art Director & Brand Advisor
    Together with my two brothers-in-law, I have established a brand that produces organic and vegan food supplements. Around 15% of my time is dedicated to managing our brand assets and developing effective marketing strategies.
    • I am in charge of producing and overseeing the brand's assets, such as labels, online and offline visuals, product catalogs, posters, and flyers.
    • I help the team to identify the appropriate tone when communicating with our community.
    • I collaborate closely with the community manager to brainstorm innovative content concepts.
    • I create content for the blog, specifically articles related to Vegetarianism, Veganism, and ecology.
  • 2007 - Today

    Diverse range of clients

    Freelance Creative developer
    As a freelancer, I have been honing my skills for years. This way of life has taught me to be flexible and work with various teams and clients. It has also motivated me to continuously improve my knowledge of graphic design trends and coding techniques.
    • With my client's marketing strategy at heart, I create brand identities from scratch.
    • My focus is on designing websites that prioritize the user experience.
    • I excel in creating tailor-made WordPress themes and plugins that match my client’s requirements perfectly.
    • I have some cool skills in building websites that work fast and are easy to use.


  • Development

    Preferred Languages:
    Tools I use:
    LaravelWordPressShopifyNextJsGitBedrockACFSageBladeTailwindGsapFramer Motion
  • Graphic design

    What do I do?
    UX/UIhand-drawn and vector Illustration3d modeling and rendering2d/3d animationVideo editing
    Tools I use:
    FigmaIllustratorPhotoshopProcreateDaVinci ResolveCinema 4dBlender


  • Okido.kids

    Online course platform for Kids

    I did: UX/UIArt Direction

  • Les Bio Frères

    Brand of organic and vegan food

    I did: Art direction

  • e-nemo

    Electric flying pod landing page

    I did: WordPressUX/UI

  • Réseau des AMAPs

    Community-supported agriculture network

    I did: WordPressUX/UIbackend development

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