unavailable for workuntil 9/1/2024
Current position: Front End Lead @stadiumGO

Creative front-end development

When code becomes art

Every code decision counts toward bridging the gap between a mock-up and the live and breathing website in production.

Performance, accessibility, and eco-conception now count equally as CSS and JavaScript animations skills.

So you are looking for a front-end developer?

It s great to have you here. I started making websites and animations when html tables and Flash technology were battling it out in the late 90s. Time sure flies.

Throughout my journey, I've gained much web knowledge that has helped me evolve from a graphic designer and art director to a full-stack creative developer. I'm always striving to enhance my skills and grow in this field.

I'm passionate about my craft and dedicated to making each project successful. Whether it's at the beginning or toward the end, I'm happy to lend a hand!

Weapons of choice


  • Html & Css

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • SCSS
    • Tailwind
    • Bulma
    • Bootstrap
    • Semantics
    • Accessibility

    I've been teaching HTML, CSS, and SCSS for quite some time now, and I know them like the back of my hand!

    I have always had a firm grasp of semantics and am currently dedicating myself to improving my accessibility skills. My goal is to provide the best possible user experience for all individuals.

    I can adapt to any CSS framework and have used tools likeBootstrap and Bulma. However, my latest favorite is Tailwind, which is swift and efficient.

  • JavaScript

    • React
    • VueJs
    • Svelte
    • NextJs
    • Astro
    • GSAP
    • Framer Motion

    I love to dive into the exciting world of JavaScript and explore all the great libraries and frameworks like VueJs, Svelte, and Astro... But lately, I've been focusing most of my attention on React and NextJs - they're so fun to work with, and there's always something new to learn!

    I also really love getting creative with animation! Learning tools such as GASP, Animate.js, and Framer Motion has been such a fulfilling experience. It's incredible how they can elevate the user experience and improve everything!


  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • Shopify
  • Bedrock
  • ACF
  • MERN

My main focus in the last years was WordPress. I learned to use it from top to bottom, coding countless custom themes and plugins for my beloved clients.

I tested many WordPress workflows and page builders. Finally, I use Roots tools (Bedrock install + Sage boilerplate) and Gutemberg/ACF as my main working stack to build and maintain custom WordPresses.

I also had opportunities to work with other tools like Shopify,Statamic, Kirbi, and Hugo.

At the moment, I'm really into learning Laravel and the JS MERN stack. But I still see the value in WordPress and what it can do. I love expanding my knowledge!

Other cool stuff in my toolbox

  • Git

    My experience with Git has been quite tumultuous. However, I have mastered it and now find it extremely useful and reliable.

    At the moment, I am diligently studying CI/CD management with the aspiration of becoming a faithful Git Sith lord.

  • Linux

    As a Mac user, it’s not my daily tool. But I enjoyed learning basic knowledge of Linux to help me to deploy my websites or play with my beloved Raspberry Pis.

    I have acquired skills in writing bash scripts and utilizing a few Python techniques to assist me with specific challenging tasks.

  • Web admin stuff

    Over time, I've gained a lot of know-how regarding handlingdomain names and setting up DNS configurations.

    I've worked with admin panels like Plesk and cPanel before, and I've grown to like Vercel and all the cool things it can do with its edge technology.

A few questions from the wild :

I don't see X or Y tech skill on your page

I've been working for quite a while now and throughout my career, I've had to adapt and re-learn my job several times to stay up-to-date with industry standards.

I am a quick and enthusiastic learner, and I am eager to acquire any skills needed to contribute to your team's tech stack. I am committed to filling any gaps in my skillset to better serve your craft.

Where are you based? How do you deal with remote work?

I adopted a digital nomad lifestyle three years ago, so it depends on when you asked.

I’m currently around Europe for now. If I were not far from you, I would be thrilled to meet you in real life.

If not, no need to worry. I have had the pleasure of working remotely with many teams over the years and it has always been a positive experience for all parties involved.

Let’s talk about your project

Thank you for your time reading all my services and processes, but it’s time to talk about you.
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