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The perfect WordPress plan

Enjoy the convenience of WordPress without any hassle

WordPress is a versatile website creation platform, including showcases, e-commerce, and blogs. Its user-friendly interface makes it so popular. I propose taking it further by creating a tailor-made theme and even back-end custom plugins to help you focus on your content and engage with your users.

The emergency zone

If you already have a WordPress site and need emergency assistance, here are a few links before going further in the new WordPress plan.

😱 Help, my WordPress is broken!😅 Help, my WordPress is slower than a sloth on tranquilizers!

So you want to build a WordPress site?

With its easy-to-use administration interface and large eco-system of extensions, WordPress is the weapon of choice for 43% of websites built with a content management system.

I’ve used it to build many websites and web applications and learned to customize its features from the ground up.

Along the way, I've learned many things and developed a plan to design, prepare, and launch a flawless WordPress site that fits your current needs and can adapt to your future needs.

The roadmap to a sky-rocketing WordPress

1. What do you need?

Before building the engine, let's calm down and take the time to chat.

Who is it for? What will be your users’ journey?
What tools do you need to build and enhance this journey?

But also, what is your deadline and your budget?

Let’s chat, evaluate your budget, write down your specifications, and build together the next steps of your perfect plan.

2. What will your site look like, and what story will you tell?

In this step, we will build the look and feel and lay your content's foundations.

  1. The mood boards

    taking your brand history and identity to heart, I will create a few mood boards to let you imagine what the feel of your site will look like.

    We iterate to those boards to fine-tune the mood.

  2. The content

    once the mood is set, it's time to plan your content in depth.

    How will you speak to your users? What story will you tell them on which page? I can help you find the tone and build the perfect content for your users.

  3. The mockups

    now the most strategic content is written, it's time to dress a set of the most iconic parts of your website and build its design system.

    I will use a visual tool like Figma to let you immerse in your brand-new website and iterate on the design aspects of your user interface.

3. How will it work from the inside?

Now we know what it will look like and what it must be able to do. Let’s create the tools to build it inside WordPress.

Using a minimalistic approach, I will create a custom theme and maybe a few custom plugins to build your rocket.

Those tools will have a few goals in mind:

  • keep your WordPress fast to load
  • let you edit every part of your website by yourself
  • provide a top-notch user experience from front-end to back-end

4. Let’s give you the keys

Your rocket’s body and engine are ready, and I have pre-filled your most iconic content.

It’s time for us to review your tools and see what you can do yourself. Since everything is editable by you and your team, I will take the time to teach you how to make your rocket fly and stay afloat.

If necessary, you can fine-tune and even build the last pages yourself before the launch day.

5. The launch and beyond

Once your website is ready, I will propel it to the internet.

And, of course, I will be around to help with future evolutions and help you with the WordPress updates and maintenance process.

A few questions from the wild :

How much will it cost?

A fully packaged 100% custom WordPress with all my advice and design process starts around 5k€ and can climb up if you need many custom tools.

If you need a quick and dirty solution to mock up an idea, I can help you, but you will not have the whole package.

How long will it take?

The time needed to get to the launch day with my complete process will depend on the following:

  1. The complexity of your project. (Does it need many custom tools to be developed?)
  2. The length, depth, and variety of your content. (How many pages, do those pages have the same layout?)
  3. The maturity of your project and your reactivity during the validation process. (Will you be regularly available to build your site together? Is your content already written? If not, can you write or make it written quickly?)

To give you a clue: a regular showcase website can take one to three months from the first chat to the launch day.

Do you always work alone?

Depending on your project's complexity, deadline, and my availability, I can make everything on my own or team up with some of my close freelancers friends (project managers, developers, designers) to help me meet your goals.

Of course, if I need to ask the team, I will tell you upfront and introduce them to you before the project kickoff.

We already have a design or a dev team, can you do the rest?

Of course, I would be glad to team-up 🙂 Let’s chat about what you need, how I can fill the gap, and how we can sync our lightsabers.

Where are you based? Will we meet in person?

I adopted a digital nomad lifestyle three years ago, so it depends on when you asked.

I’m currently around Europe for now. If I were not far from you, I would be thrilled to meet you in real life. If not, don’t worry I’m always a video chat away and have all the project management tools to keep the loop up to date.

Let’s talk about your project

Thank you for your time reading all my services and processes, but it’s time to talk about you.
Don’t like chatbots? I get you. You can also drop me an email:
or whatsapp/call me +33 6 635 653 66